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Mayilmark Whole Wheat

Atta Recipes

Making Poori with Mayil Mark Whole Wheat Atta
Ingredients :

1. Mayil Mark Wheat Flour(1/2 Cup).
2. Ghee(1/2 cup) .
3.Water to knead dough.
4. Salt to Taste.

How to make Poori with Mayil Mark Whole Wheat Atta :

1. Mix ghee, salt, wheat flour and adequate amount of water to knead smooth dough.
2.Leave it for an hour.
3.Make equal sized balls, smear them with dry flour and roll them out on a rolling board.
4.Heat a Pan. Put the Oil on it. After Oil heated put rolled poori on it.
5.Moderately fry both the sides of  Poori on griddle..
6.Poori is ready to serve.

Mayil Mark Whole Wheat Atta

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