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Mayilmark Orid

Dhall Recipes

Making Dosa with Mayil Mark Orid Dhall
Ingredients :

1. Mayil Mark White urad dhall(1 cup).
2. Rice (2cup) .
3. Fenugreek 1 tsp .
4. Salt to Taste.
5. Oil/Ghee(for greasing the pans).

How to make Dosa with Mayil Mark Orid Dhall :

1. Grind the dhall and rice separately with some water until it become a fine paste.
2. Add salt to it and mix well. keep it overnight for fermentation.
3. In a flat frying pan the batter is poured and spread into a thin round like a pancake but much more thinner.
4. Pour little ghee on both sides of the dosas.
5. When it turns golden brown, turn over to other side. In a few seconds it is ready to serve.

Mayil Mark Orid Dhall

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