Mayilmark Whole Wheat Atta

Mayilmark Whole Wheat Atta Recipes


Chapati is well known Indian Bread that is also sometimes referred to as Chapathi.They are made of wholewheat flour and cooked on a flat pan .Chapati is a thin flatbread which originated in the Indian Subcontinent


Poori is a very common breakfast dish. They are made of finely milled whole wheat flour and water.The cooks that use salt and oil say it tenderizes the dough.Pooris are fried breads that are usually made on holidays, festive occasions and for entertaining.

Wheat Halwa

Wheat Halwa recipe is a part of the Halwa family and is a very popular and easy to prepare dessert.Wheat Halwa is prepared on several festive occassions in India.

Wheat Dosa

Wheat Dosa is South Indian delicacy. The WheatDosa is best described as a crepe made from Wheat. It is a typical South Indian dish, eaten for breakfast or dinner.