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Mayilmark Gram

Flour Recipes

Making Mysore Pak or Mysurpa with Mayil Mark Gram Flour
Ingredients :

1. Mayil Mark Gram Flour ( 1/2 cup).( 1/2 cup).
2. Sugar(2 cups) .
3. Ghee(1/2 cup) .

How to make Mysore Pak or Mysurpa with Mayil Mark Gram Flour:

1.First,roast a cup of Gram flour.
2. Then,boil two cups of sugar.
3. Put handful of roasted Gram flour in paagu(boiled sugar).
4. Heat Ghee separately.
5. Pour small amount of ghee in the boiled sugar.
6. Again, put handful of gram flour and remaining ghee.
7. After the mixture is boiled, it turns into crispy, bubble form.
8. Now, pour it in a plate and after minutes of drying, cut it into pieces of desired shapes.

Mayil Mark Gram Flour

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