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We started our trading section since 1954 on a very small firm. We improved slowly our self by latest technology and quality control. Our main motto is to supply only quality product to our suppliers. Our trading office is located in the name of M. Vanniarajan & Son’s at 833, Ragai Gowder Street, Coimbatore-641001,South Tamil Nadu ,India. Chairman of our trading company is Mr. V. Chandrasekaran, M.D’s. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Mr. Bala Subramaniam. In our trading, we deal with all type of pulses and grains like. Toor dhal, Gram dhal, cowpeas in bulk and retail bases. Our customer’s are whole sale, semi – Whole sale, retail and house hold customers.


1. We Took a long time to reach the top level in our business and to retain the brand name in our customers mind from All over Tamil Nadu.
2. We follow our national rules and regulation in our production and trading.
3. We trade only A-1 grade food products we never want to step down in our quality.
4. Our purchases are graded A-1 quality. We Purchase from selected hygienic companies and food safety field.
5. Mr. M. Vanniarajan is our founder. He was basically a hard work and his Sons and grandsons follow his foot step.
6. In our trading office, there are more than 100 items in pulses and grains. They are 100% pure, hygienic and organic.
7. We never use chemicals or preservative to increase the life time of the goods. Maximum all products will be got from direct field or market.
8. Our brand Mayil Mark Samba Ravai show room is also located near to our trading office.
9. We Supply all pulses and grains in 100Kg bags and 50Kg bags at reasonable price according to the market day to day need.
10. Product range in different brand names like

Toor Dhal Fried Grams Moong Dhal
Urad Dhal Sugar Peas Dhal
Black Urad Gram Dhal Raw Dhal
Grams Punjab Wheat Peas
Masoor Dhal Jeera etc.
11. Market prices will be decided according to our Indian chamber of commerce.
12. Our National Network places are Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka,Uttar Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra.Our International network teams are Singapore, Malaysia, Srilanka,Canada and USA.
13. For Distributor references contact MR. PONMURUGAN Mobile No: 9362393638, Fax No: 2688638.  

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