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Mayilmark Orid

Dhall Recipes

Mayilmark Orid Dhall- Vada
One of the popular snacks is Vada .Typically, a South Indian dish, a number of variations are there in the recipe of Vada. The two popular variants of the recipe are Uzhunnu Vada (made with Black Gram/Urad Dal) and Parippu Vada (made with Chana Dal). It is very crispy, delicious and served hot with Sambhar or Coconut Chutney.
Mayilmark Orid Dhall- Idli
Idli is a favorite dish of South Indians. It is eaten with sambhar or chutney. South Indian dishes are liked not only through out India but also the world over. The recipes given on this web site make very tasty dishes. Some of the dishes are result of our innovation
Mayilmark Orid Dhall- Dosa
Dosa is South Indian delicacy. The Dosa is best described as a crepe made from rice and black lentils. It is a typical South Indian dish, eaten for breakfast or dinner. The Dosa is sometimes referred to as dhosa, dosay, dosai and dhosai.

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